5 reasons why Fun Fun Fun Fest deserves its name

It might not be the most original name for a festival ever, but boy does it ever live up to it. Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest goes down tomorrow, and it’s got a diverse lineup ranging from hot indie buzz bands, classic alternative and hip hop acts, comedians, and even skateboarders. In case that doesn’t convince you, Shoeclack has a list of five reasons why this festival is as fun fun fun as their name suggests.

1. It’s held in the heart of American live music culture.

Perhaps you’ve heard of two festivals that go by the name of SXSW or Austin City Limits. They’re both among the biggest music festivals in North America, and there’s a reason why they’re both in Austin: it’s one of the best music cities in the continent, if not the world. The so-called “Live Music Capital of the World” is always full of great music happening in venues all over the city, as well as one of the most unique nightlife scenes in America.

2. Bill Nye the frigging Science Guy is their spokesperson.

If this doesn’t convince you that this festival is one of the coolest out there, there’s nothing more we can do. You no doubt remember him from watching his show on TV as a kid – or from your science classes growing up – and he’s still a figure in the science world today. Not surprising, then, that this festival would recruit him as their spokesperson, and his announcing of this year’s lineup was nothing short of epic.

3. Wu-Tang are headlining.

While it’s not yet known how many of the Wu will actually show up to this gig – it’s quite rare for all living members to get together for the same show these days – their shows are regardless a nice trip through memory lane for those who actually lived to see them come up in their prime, as well as just a fun night of hard-hitting hip hop with some of the most dynamic rappers of all time.

4. Jane’s Addiction are playing one of their classic albums – and there’s plenty more nostalgia from there.

Perry Farrell and co. will be playing their second album Ritual de lo Habitual in its entirety at the festival, but that’s only a part of Fun Fun Fun Fest’s emphasis on nostalgia. Lauryn Hill (filling in for D’Angelo), Cheap Trick, Drive Like Jehu, L7 and American Football are some of the bigger names on the bill whose heydays may be behind them, but who still draw big crowds of dedicated fans to their shows – and will no doubt do so here, too.

5. It also includes two artists that improve any festival exponentially: Doug Benson and Andrew W.K.

Whether your favourite activity is intense weed smoking or intense partying, the festival has you covered in the best kind of way. For the former, comedian Doug Benson (known in part for his “Getting Doug with High” podcast) will mix satire and sarcastic humour with 420 friendliness. For the latter, party god Andrew W.K. will surely give you a night full of debauchery, fun, hard rock, and perhaps a bit of blood too.


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